Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers before you ask.

Who do you work with?

I work with couples, individual women and men and small pods/groups of 3-4 people of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

I focus and have a speciality working with couples who want to explore intimacy within their kink/BDSM practices as a couple. For example, couple domination/submission, couple voyeur/exhibition play (watch your partner submit and be dominated), vanilla/kink couple dynamic, couple’s cuckolding/bull experience, couple kink/BDSM experiential coaching, etc.

I welcome clients from all ethnic and social backgrounds, professions, gender identities, sexual orientations, age (legal), relationship structures and sexual practices.

What is your ethnic background?

I am a Trinidadian-Canadian. Indo-Trinidadian by birth, Canadian by choice. I have been calling Toronto home for over 25 years.

What are your physical stats?

Black shoulder length hair. Brown eyes. 5 feet 3 inches tall. 115 lbs

Are you on social media?

Yes. You can follow me on Twitter: @Hermesproject1

 Do you “switch” to being submissive?


What sort of training do you have?

I have attended as a participant to learn as well as an instructor numerous workshops on kink/BDSM ranging on topics such as bondage, flogging, caning, psychology of scene development, sex and kink, safer sex, harm reduction, HIV prevention, safer sex and harm reduction in kink/BDSM, quick and sexy bondage, communication in kinky/BDSM engagements, polyamoury and non-monogamy relationships, the art of fisting, racialized communities and kink/BDSM, etc. I have been practicing various types of kink/BDSM practices for over 20 years.

I have been engaged with my own personal growth for many years using my kink/BDSM practices, meditation, tantra, yoga, individual and couples’s therapy etc. I have also studied various forms of relationship and heart centered healing modalities. I apply trauma informed care to my kink/BDSM practice. I am knowledgeable and skilled with the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of various activities I do to ensure a safe and satisfying experience for all involved…including myself!

Also, before doing a major activity/scene with a sub, I will invest time and energy to experience it on the receiving end myself – so I have an experience of what the sub may experience physically and to have my own subjective experience of the activity.

What are your rates?

  • First time / Introductory session (1.5 hr): individuals $450; couples $525-$750
  • Hourly: individuals $300; couples $350-$500
  • One and a half hour: individual $450; couples $525-$750

What does your rate include?

My rates are for my time, energy and services I offer to you. The rates covers the cost of the setting to host our in-house session at the studios I work from. It covers the time and effort to plan our session, pack and prepare, and post-session clean up. My rates are as listed and not up for negotiation. There may be extra costs to you depending on the equipment and preparation required for your session as well as if you want to rent a studio that I do not usually work from.

I would like to see you and cannot afford your standard rate. Do you offer any discounts? 

Yes I do. I offer transferable weekly and monthly Loyality packages for individuals, couples and groups of 3-4 people.  Discounts range from 10%-25% per session depending on the package you get and these can be paid in installments per session if needed. I also reserve two sessions per month for sliding scale. I am also open to barter/trade … contact me, I will take it into consideration. 

Do you offer a free consultation before I book a session?

Yes. I offer a free 20 minute consultation on the phone or on skype/zoom. This will allow us to see each  other and have an initial conversation about what you are interested in and will help us decide if we want to work together.

I also offer an in-person consultation over coffee for $75/half hour at a downtown location for you to better understand how a session works; to get to know me; and / or to plan our scene. This does not include play time. The consultation fee can be used as your deposit for an in-person session booked for within the month.

What are the risks with this experience?

There will always be some level of risk with any kink/BDSM activity. Those risks depend on the type of play you seek. Some activities and scenes are more risky than others, either physically, emotionally and/or psychologically. As part of our check-in before a scene we will go over some of  the significant risks before your session begins and some ways to manage those risks. Commication between us during the scene is also a way of managing risks. 

Do you work with beginners?

I sincerely love providing opportunities for new experiences for people. The level of play and approach for a beginner will be different than an experienced client. You may want to try different activities and/or scenes to see what you like and don’t like. Our session will not be about reaching or going beyond your limits. Note that even experience clients may be a beginner with new activities/roles/scenes!

Will I get aftercare?

Down time and immediate after care is built into each session. I will also assess your composure following the scene before you leave. Additionally, a sincere written post-session email or attached word document about your experience of the scene and how integration of your experience is working out will be expected from you within 2-3 days after the scene. This is an opportunity for you to reflect and ground, and for me to gauge your state post scene.

How are you different from a “dominant” escort?

As a practiontioner of kink/BDSM for many years and as a professional Dominant, you will notice that my approach and skill level is highly developed. Many kink/BDSM activities carry risk and a casual practitioner may not be aware of many of them. I do not “jump” into scenes without spending some time with you at the beginning to plan your scene before it starts; the use of safe words and signals; discussion of limits, risk and consent.

How are you different from an amateur dominant?

Experience and an opportunity to engage with a diversity of people, activities and scenes. As a professional Dominant, I deal with a wide range of scenarios and practices on a regular basis that an amateur dom/domme may not have had the opportunity to engage with. This means that my creativity, confidence and level of intuition are highly attuned to different situations and people and allow me to lead you on a deeper and more explorative journey.

As a female, why would I pay you to dominate me?

As a politicized, racialized, queer/bi, feminist man, I employ an intersectional analysis and examine power dynamics in my life. I am especially attuned to gender dynamics as they pertain to kink/BDSM. As a professional dominant, I offer my skills and services to you with care, fun, playfullness and creativity while paying attention to your needs, wants and desires.

I do not have ulterior motives with you. I will hold your boundaries and informed consent as vital. You are free to be yourself and have the experience be about your kinks and BDSM activities. We will go at a pace that works for you! Sometimes, your partners/friends/lovers/hookups may not able to meet your kinky/BDSM needs. This is an opportunity for self exploration without any romantic relationship dynamics.

If you like, you are welcome to invite a friend/lover/partner for the first 10-15 minutes of your first session to help you develop a sense of trust and relax with me while we begin our engagement.

What will my experience be like?

This depends on the activities and experience you’re seeking and open to. Your experience is unique to you. 

Will there be markings on my body?

If you would like no marks, I will do my best to fulfill this requirement. Please note that temporary body marks like welts and bruises may result from certain types of the play (i.e. impact or restraint), although I take care to avoid leaving marks if that is what you want.

Do you provide full service or oral?

You are requesting a session with a professional male Dominant, not an escort. While sexual domination and sensual/erotic play could occur if we desire, that does not guarantee any form of sex from me. Kink/BDSM can be very erotic/sexual for many people. If this is the case for you, we can certainly talk about including this aspect into your scene.

Do you provide scat or blood play?


Do you do edge play (not to be confused with “edging”)?

Yes. However, I will only consider edge play that I am skilled with, with returning clients after you and I get to know each other. For example, I will not entertain knife or breath play with a new client, only returning clients

Will you take me as a lifestyle slave?


Can you provide a photo of your face?

For safety reason and my privacy, face photos are not provided. Should you want to see how I look before a session, feel free to request a free 20 minute consult over skyps/zoom or a consult over coffee for $75/half hour to meet in person and to share information. If you book a play session at the in preson consultation meeting, your consultation fee will be used as a deposit for an in-person play session within the month.

Do you do outcalls?

Yes. Outcall sessions are available to your hotel in downtown Toronto or your home. I will bring a bag of toys; however, the amount of gear I bring will be limited compared to what I have in the studio. Out calls can also be made to other dungeon studios in the GTA at your cost (I can arrange these if you like). Outcalls will require a travel fee of $50 flat rate or return taxi fare.

What are the settings for in house sessions? sessions?

In house sessions will take place in a clean, safe and private dungeon setting in Toronto close to Bathurst and Queen St. or close to Weston Rd. and Rogers Rd.

Are those photos really you and how recent are they?

All my photos are truly me, and are current.

What do you accept as tribute?

Cash and e-transfer

Do you accept gifts?

Yes, though gifts ae not necessary. I appreciate that some people offer gifts as a sign of their care and thanks. I have created a diverse wishlist for all of the subs, slaves, sluts and admirers who enjoy showing their respect and gratitude through gifting. I have included ideas for all budgets.

What will you do to protect my privacy?

I am a very private person. Privacy and discretion is assured for all sessions. Our session and what we do is between you and I and remains confidential. If we happen to meet in public, discretion is standard. If you initiate acknowledgement I will certainly respond in a friendly manner. Be prepaired to respond to the question from your friend/colleague/family member of “how/where do you know Hermes?” A resonable response could be “I met him at a party.” Please note that I will not great you first in a chance public encounter. I will follow your lead in this matter to maintain your privacy and confidentiality.  

Are you STI tested?

I am fully tested regularly throughout the year. I am tested STI negative and I practice safer sex, not that this is relevant in most cases.

How do you protect me from pathogens, if there is a chance for that?

All activities are conducted with health safety as a top priority. All surfaces and tools are disinfected after each session, and used implements are properly sterilized as needed. Latex/non-latex barriers are also used for any activity that involve bodily fluids and pose a risk of transmittable infections.

How much advance notice do you need for an appointment?

Sessions should be booked ahead of time at least 48 hours. Booking days or a week ahead is ideal for the best availability as I have a full schedule.

Where are you located?

I primarily work out of studios in Toronto close to Bathurst and Queen St. or close to Weston Rd. and Rogers Rd. 

Would you like to book a session?