Where Is Your Kink?

The Hermes Project is a Neo Kinky, Fetish & BDSM  Domination Service for Couples, Individuals, Pods, all Genders & Orientations

About Hermes

Let me take you on a journey.  Sometimes soft and gentle, sometimes rough and aggressive. You’ll find grace and finesse in the way that I move you with my touch and words. I will stay with you in intimate connection, deepening our trust with respect and care. I embrace and celebrate different kinky sexual practices; challenge societal taboos and offer relief from social roles. No matter what your fantasies are, together we will manifest and go beyond them to spaces that you have not yet imagined.

A Client’s Perspective

“Hermes is endlessly creative, and skilled at finding new ways to explore kink and fantasy.  He makes suggestions that you might never have imagined, which end up being exactly what you need.”
~ S&C, F/M couple, Toronto

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