About me

I am here to create a safe space for you to find sanctuary, fun and fulfillment.

I am an articulate, politized, feminist, queer/bi, cisgender man. You’ll discover a professional, sensual, male Dominant who will engage your body, mind and soul. I am trusted. I practice vipassana meditation, which informs my kindness and compassion practice. I am kinky, empathetic, playful, creative and sadistic. I believe in the path of desire, love, pleasure and joy. These qualities influence my exploration, experiences and practices with fetish, kink and BDSM.

My approach to kink and fetish is to accept, embrace  and celebrate different sexual practices; challenge societal norms and taboos and offer relief from social roles.

My kink and BDSM practice is creative and fulfilling over many years. The person you meet is neither pretend nor role play. It is the authentic me. I have cultivated and explored my kinks and fetishes over years of self-discovery with friends, lovers and partners. I still do!

Personally, I love discovering new kinks and seeing what gems they offer for self awareness. For me, kink and BDSM are political, ethical and sexual/sensual practices. I love exploring spaces where pleasure and pain meet. I love observing what unexpected forces are released and grounded, what taboos are transcended and new spaces created. How we are transformed through our kink/BDSM practices.

I proudly apply intuition, sensuality and insight to my kink/BDSM practice. With an open mind and heart, I attract a variety of followers from different walks of life. I attract those whose innate curiosity have brought them to explore their kinky, taboo, perverse aspects of sexuality and psychology. I attract those who are interested in exploring power exchange and dynamics. This doesn’t mean that you have to have it all figured out! I seek to create relationships that are based on mutual respect for the roles of dominant and submissive. I treat consent and trust as sacred.

Our sessions are our play time. They are intuitive, experimental and transformative in nature.  It is our time for enjoyment in the exploration and pleasures of your kinky/taboo/perverse desires and fantasies. Within our sessions I will balance conscious connection with quality touch, and I will do so with grace, humor and creativity.

I am a Trinidadian-Canadian. Indo-Trinidadian by birth, Canadian by choice. I have called Toronto home for over 25 years. I studied social justice in undergrad and graduate schools. I am curious to explore how our encounters and practice will affect you and us and will it allow for broader social justice and transformative change or not. I do believe that the personal is political.

I am a simple creature. I’m strong and athletic. You’ll find grace and finesse in the way that I move you with my touch and words. Sometimes rough and aggressive, other times soft and gentle. Always with intention, kindness and care.

Kink and BDSM has been an integral part of my life, and that naturally led me to become a professional. There is a saying: “do what you love and are good at, and it will not feel like work”. This certainly does not feel like work. It is a joyful process.

No matter what your fantasies are, we will manifest and go beyond them to spaces that you have not yet imagined or fantasized about. 

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