I recently had a kink/play session with Hermes. His approach to consent was above board, he did not ask for any extra exploration he wanted to experience for himself, and kept checking in on me during the entire session to gauge my comfort level. Before, during, and after the scene, he was aware of my emotional state, and was concerned for my comfort. I felt my requests were heard and respected, which is a major factor in me working with someone again. There wasn’t any moments of extreme egotism where nobody was allowed to speak or share ideas, and that was a relief as well, as everyone involved had beyond average kink experience. As far as Hermes kink/BDSM skills, they are solid, safe and sexy. His attitude towards BDSM is lighthearted, but present, and playful but powerful. His rope skills were very advanced and enjoyable, and his sense of adventure was not restrictive. I actually ended up getting closer to him than I planned before I got there. I felt safe to share more of myself than I first intended, because the circumstances felt right. I had a real growth opportunity in playing with another male-bodied person of colour in kink, which is a rare occasion. I can say it was hot and fun, I can say that I had my needs met and I can say that I’d do it again in the future. Playing in the dungeon he arranged was new for me, and a few of the scenes were new ideas I’ve never tried before, and I’m happy it happened. If you want someone safe, fun, alluring, with a hint of danger, yet great at taking and giving directions, as well as erotically educated, then I would recommend Hermes without question! Thank you, and please make your dreams come true 🙂
M. J.

Male, Toronto, ON

“Hermes is unique in what he does. What stands out for me is his particular blend of intuition, creativity and empathy. He stayed tuned in with me in a way that felt authentic and also hot! I think this is what makes him able to know how to extend my pleasure and pain just the right amount, bringing me to the brink. And best of all, he does it with a whole range of tools and implements, some of them quite unexpected!”


Female, Toronto, ON

A session with Hermes is always an absolute delight. He is a skilled and experienced sensualist, with a playful and respectful style. Hermes communicated clearly about what we could expect from our session, and made sure that we were comfortable and well-prepared. He somehow manages to make even the necessary negotiations, safety discussions and boundary-setting fun and sexy.  Hermes is endlessly creative, and skilled at finding new ways to explore kink and fantasy. He makes suggestions that you might never have imagined, which end up being exactly what you need. He’s so different from the cold, detached kind of Dominant you might have previously encountered … Hermes is warm, knowledgeable, funny, relaxed, but very much in control, and very delighted to be. We can’t wait to play with Hermes again!

F/M couple, Toronto, ON

I have been to several play parties hosted by Hermes. He is the quiet, delightful, demanding master of the room. The magic of that safer sex, serious bdsm space is phenomenal, freeing, daring, delicious. Being with 100+ people expressing and exploring sexuality along their personal edge, and pushing that edge with mindful consent creates an electric environment. I can only imagine the power of that kind of skill in a one-on-one session. Also … The most intense, sensual wrestling partner ever. I love to lose to Hermes.

Female, Montréal, QC

Duo session with a female Domme collegue.

Just wanted to thank you, and Hermes, for the wonderful session last week. I loved being restrained and feeling the touch of more than one person, especially how you both smothered me in the end. The butt fingering was amazing, being in the cage for display, very erotic … WOW! 


Male, Toronto, ON

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