Hermes Project

About Hermes

Hermes is the emissary and messenger of the [Greek] gods. He is also “the divine trickster” and “the god of boundaries and the transgression of boundaries, … the patron of herdsmen, thieves, graves, and heralds.” He moves freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine, is the conductor of souls into the afterlife and is the protector and patron of roads and travelers.

I share many qualities with Hermes. This is why I chose him as my Professional Dom avatar. I am a messenger, I am a protector and fellow traveler, I am an establisher of boundaries and consensual transgressor of boundaries. I am certainly a trickster and traveler of many realms and spaces.

I am a creature who loves exploration generally and specifically in the realms of creativity, kink and sexuality. I have been a practitioner of BDSM and many forms of kink for over two decades (and possibly many lifetimes). I love creating spaces for people to explore their own kinks, BDSM activities, sex and sexuality in loving, caring ways individually and in groups/communities. For my journey as a Professional Dominate I have taken the avatar/archetype of Hermes. This was not chosen lightly. I believe that the intentions we hold and put out into the universe we manifest.

I am not one for titles like “Master” or “Sir” … these are place holders for a particular relationship. This is partially why I chose Hermes, he is a god and beyond titles created by humans. I investigate and challenge power structures in my life … including my kink and BDSM life. If you would like to refer to me as “Master” or “Sir” you will need to tell me what that means for you and our connection. Know that if we decide to work together to explore your kinky fantasies and BDSM, we are entering into a power exchange dynamic and that I will be in charge, no matter what title we decide on. You will be on the other side of that power exchange dynamic, therefore you will need to  tell me what title you would like to use for yourself and what it means for you. Do you prefer Submissive, Slave, Bottom? ‘Hey you’? Would you prefer something else? What are your feelings and experiences of these titles, spaces, roles?

I am a messenger. I have traveled far and wide emotionally, psychically and psychologically in terms of kink and BDSM. I have learned much from my experiences and those I encountered on the journey. I believe in sharing knowledge and wisdoms learned, in this sense I am an educator, a teacher and a student.

I am a trickster. I love teasing and creating opportunities for the unknown and unexpected to be manifested and explored. I am a clear communicator which leads to clear negotiation of boundaries. Some boundaries are hard limits for you and me. These are always respected. Some boundaries may be worth exploring and pushing up against. They are opportunities for personal growth. After we establish mutual trust, and with consent, we can explore some of your own established soft boundaries and see what opportunities for personal growth exist in a safe, kind, compassionate space? No matter what, know that boundaries are an integral part of our encounter and of becoming attuned to one’s desires and needs. Boundaries allow us to go deeper because we know we are in safe hands. Consent is the foundation for many opportunities. I hold informed consent as an ongoing process and as sacred for you and me.

I am very skilled and experienced at travelling through many psychic and energetic spaces, exploring and facilitating the alteration of the inner emotional and psychological worlds. I have had the privilege and honor to hold space for others while they journeyed in kinky/BDSM and other spaces. I have provided many people with first experiences and opportunities. They entrusted their body, mind and soul to my care. My care allowed them to dive deep into their experience and psyche. It allowed them to learn about themselves with me as their guide.

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